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Edinburgh removal companies

So many removal companies in Edinburgh, why should you choose Martin Removals? Good question. Here are a few reasons:

  • We are one of the most longstanding Edinburgh removal companies, with 40 years experience in commercial and house moves
  • We provide a wide range of services, such as for instance house removals, piano removals, office moves, house clearances, furniture moves and safe removals.
  • We offer very competitive prices, and are indeed one of the very best in Edinburgh in terms of quality of service and price
  • Our staff is friendly and helpful

Get in touch via phone or email and our staff will be very happy to help, whatever removal service you may be looking for, we can help.

How to prepare for a house clearance

A house clearance can be a challenging and demanding task that is frequently influenced by feelings about the house, its contents and possibly its previous occupants.

The assistance of a professional house clearance company like Martin Removals Edinburgh can make the process go more smoothly and guarantees a stress-free experience.

To make the process of getting ready for a house clearance as simple as possible, we’ve included some helpful advice below.

Choose what should be removed.
Sorting out what needs to be thrown out and what needs to be kept is the first step. Allow plenty of time for this process, as it may take longer than anticipated, particularly when sentimental or emotionally charged items are involved.

Sort your belongings.
Sort the things you want to donate, sell, or keep from the ones you need to get rid of. Separate them into various rooms or piles, at minimum. Adding stickers with color codes—green for “bin,” orange for “sell/donate,” and red for “keep”—adds even more clarity.

Contact a company that has specific experience of house clearances. If you are in Edinburgh, Martin Removals has been helping with house clearances for over 40 years.

Take the environment into consideration
Do you think the environment matters? Again a company like Martin Removals Edinburgh will be a great port of call, as we make sure every item we work with is disposed of responsibly.

Get in touch with our Edinburgh team for more advice of house clearances.

House clearance – rules and regulations

Hazardous Materials: tight house clearance rules are enforced by Edinburgh Council regarding the disposal of dangerous materials, such as oil based paint and chemicals. These pose major health risks if not handled properly, so it is imperative that they be disposed of responsibly and in compliance with all local laws.

Electronic Waste: One of the most prevalent household items that needs to be disposed of properly these days is electronic waste. These devices, which range from phones to computers and other gadgets, contain potentially harmful materials like lead that, if not disposed of properly can contaminate nearby soil and groundwater.

Recyclables: As more homes try to lessen their impact on the environment, Edinburgh Council encourages people not to put to land fill anything that can be recycled during your house clearance.

For a professional house clearance in Edinburgh, please contact Martin Removal Services.

Welcome to your new website

Ladies and gentleman of Edinburgh and beyond: welcome to the new website for Martin Removal Services.

Although we have been providing professional removal services in Edinburgh for the last 40 years, from house moves to office removals, house clearance and furniture moves – this is our second website only. In spite of being one of Edinburgh’s long standing removal companies!

It showcases our wide range of services and you will find plenty of useful information that will help you making informed decisions, whether you are looking for house removals or commercial moves – we can help.

Please have a look around and share a link to our new website with anyone who may be looking at a reliable, affordable and professional removal company in Edinburgh.

Thank you!!