Safe Removals

Moving large safes can be a challenge task, there are important steps and safety precautions in which we follow in order to prevent injury or damages. Our staff have been trained to safely and effectively move safes.

Our team have helped our customers with moving large safes across Edinburgh and Scotland for a number of years. At Martins we have both the knowledge and equipment in order to ensure that the safe removal process is complete in a safe and effective manner.

Here are some of the steps which our team will follow during a safe removal:

Evaluate the safe: The first step in moving a large safe is to evaluate its size, weight, and other characteristics to determine the best approach for moving it. This includes measuring the safe, assessing the terrain, and determining the best route to move the safe

Prepare the area: Our experienced team will check the area around the safe to ensure that there are no obstacles or hazards that could interfere with the move. They may also protect floors, walls, and other surfaces to prevent damage during the move.

Use specialized equipment: Our team have access to specialised equipment such as heavy-duty dollies, hydraulic lifts, and rigging systems designed specifically for moving large safes. This equipment allows them to safely and efficiently move the safe without causing damage to the safe or surrounding areas.

Secure the safe: Often our team will secure the safe to the dollies or lift equipment using straps or chains to ensure that it remains stable during the move.

Move the safe: With the safe properly secured, our team will carefully move the safe to its new location using the most efficient route possible. They will ensure that the safe is stable and level during the move and will take extra care when going up or down stairs or navigating tight spaces.

Unload the safe: Once the safe has been moved to its new location, our moving team will carefully unload it from the equipment and position it in its new location.

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