Document Shredding

At Martins Removal services we offer a secure document shredding service. We understand the importance of ensuring that documents are disposed of professionally. This service ensures the secure destruction of sensitive and confidential documents to prevent identity theft and data breaches.

Our off-site shredding service firstly involves the collection of the documents and transportation of them to the secure facility for shredding. Once they are delivered to the shredding site they will be shredded for the secure destruction.

In order to ensure that sensitive documents are destroyed effectively, we shred documents into small pieces, making it virtually impossible to reconstruct them. Our off-site shredding service will destroy your documents and provide you with a certificate of destruction.

Our certification destruction for our shredding, provides our customers proof that the documents have been securely destroyed and help businesses and individuals comply with privacy laws and regulations.

At Martins Removal Services we believe it is important to choose a reputable document shredding service that follows strict security protocols. We rely on our longstanding establishment as confirmation to our customers of the confidentiality and integrity of the documents being shredded.

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