Fine Art Removals

Martins removal services have a wealth of expertise and knowledge in fine art removals. We understand the sentimental value of these items for our customers is far more than that of the usual household object.

We have assisted with many fine art removals throughout Edinburgh and across Scotland. Our team have moved a large number of fine art pieces for both commercial and household customers.

Moving fine art requires careful planning and execution to ensure that the artwork remains safe and protected during the transportation process. Our team will secure the artwork using various wrapping and packing techniques. Often the process involves using specialised materials such as: Acid-free paper, bubble wrap or foam padding.

Our team have been trained in the moving process of fine artwork and will handle the items with additional care. Once the artwork is securely packed and any fragile corners or framework is wrapped. The artwork will be placed safely inside our designated vehicles while utilising specialised packing techniques to protect and secure the items during transport.

Once your artwork arrives at the destination, our team will unpack and install according to the specific requirements. Be sure to let our office team aware of any specific requirements prior to the move.

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