Furniture moves – what to avoid

What are the things to avoid while preparing for furniture moves? That is something here at Martin Removals Edinburgh are asked very often. These are our 3 main “don’ts” for furniture moves:

AVOID moving old furniture unless absolutely necessary.
If you can replace old furniture, instead of moving it, that is always preferable (unless your furniture is very expensive to replace or has sentimetal value).  Think about whether you really need the old furniture in your new house. Furniture items can be heavy and large to transport, so the cost of doing so might be high. Do you really think it’s worth the work?

AVOID packing filthy and dusty furniture items.
Make sure your furniture is dust-free and clean before packing it up for your removal. Your furniture may get scratched during the move due to dirt and dust. For this reason, giving your furniture a good cleaning should come before packing it up.

DON’T loose your hardware.
When removing furniture, don’t forget about your hardware. The tiny fragments, nails, and screws are easily lost during furniture moves, and without them you may be in trouble.

DON’T apply packing tape directly to furniture surfaces.
Furniture surfaces shouldn’t be directly taped over with packing tape. It might leave a sticky residue and harm the finish. For the best protection of the furniture during furniture moves, start with packing paper or bubble wrap.


Mirrored furniture moves in Edinburgh

Today’s tips from Martin Removals Edinburgh are all about mirrored furniture moves.

Furniture moves where mirrors are involved should always be planned with a lot of care.

Get the mirrored furniture ready for relocation. Take everything out of your TV cabinet, bedside table and mirrored wardrobe. If the drawers on the furniture set have locks, you can leave them in place. To prevent needless moving, it is advised to remove all of the drawers prior to the transit.  This really helps for a safe furniture removal.

Cover the furniture.
Before the planned move, you should buy packing tape and bubble wrap.  These are the materials you’ll need to use to secure your mirrored furniture in place and prevent scratches and other damage. Ensuring the safety of the furniture by completely wrapping it in a thick blanket.

Avoid putting it with hard objects.
Avoid placing your mirrored furniture close to any hard objects, such as heavy furniture, kitchen appliances, wood-burning stoves etc, as this could cause it to break or sustain damage from accidental bumps during removal.

Martin Removal Services has been helping Edinburgh residents with furniture removals of all kind, and will be able to advise further. Get in touch with our Edinburgh office today.

Are house moves allowed during the pandemic

This has become – for obvious reasons – the most common question about house moves we currently get: are house moves in Edinburgh allowed during the Covid 19 Pandemic?

The short the answer is yes… for now.

Bear in mind that the regulations on house moves may change during the pandemic.

Also take into consideration that if you are moving to Edinburgh from England, the regulations on house moves are not the same in all devolved administrations – so you will need to make sure it is legal to start your house removal in both England and Scotland.

During your house move Martin Removals will make sure their staff are wearing masks. You should also know that all our staff is tested on a regular basis.

Rest assured that Martin Removals will make your Edinburgh house move as safe as it can be.

We invite everyone to get in touch with our Edinburgh office to discuss their house moves more in detail.

Children and house moves

House moves for those who have children, here are a few ideas to make to make things easier:

  • Inform them about the impending house move as soon as you can
    Allowing them time to plan and reflect will help you cope with moving with kids. Prepare yourself by encouraging them to ask questions regarding the house move, providing as positive an answer as you can. Tell them it’s a great question and you’re going to find out if you don’t already know the answers, then make sure you come back to them.
  • Inform them of the advantages of the relocation, the new opportunities they will have after your house move in a different part of  Edinburgh. Anything exciting your house move will bring? Will they be attending a new school? Are there any new activities that they can participate in?

Include the kids in the planning process: ask them for advice when purchasing new furniture, selecting paint colors and selecting soft furnishings,. Involve them in designing their own bedrooms. Allow them to explore their new Edinburgh neighborhood by researching things like nearby teams and clubs, tourist attractions and leisure centres. Help them browse the internet if they are able to do so. Making house moves more palatable to your kids goes a long way

Get in touch with Martin Removal Services for more good advice on house moves, it will be our pleasure to help.

House moves and completion day

House moves in Edinburgh can be difficult and stressful, but even more so if you are moving into a house that you just bought after selling your own house.

The day of completion marks the transfer of all funds from the buyer to the seller. That is when you can get the keys to your new house and move – if all goes according to plan.

A lender will be involved in this process if you are using a mortgage to buy a house. Additionally, the lender won’t release the funds for the transaction until they have received a Certificate of Title from your layer. This is a document that provides a detailed history of the ownership of the property and once this procedure completes people are able to start organising their house moves.

If your house move is in Edinburgh or its surrounding area, Martin Removal Services can help you making sure your house move is as easy and stress-free as possible. We have been helping people in Edinburgh with their house moves for as long as 40 years. That’s right: 40 years of house moves!

Get in touch for a chat to discuss your house removal today.

How to prepare for a house clearance

A house clearance can be a challenging and demanding task that is frequently influenced by feelings about the house, its contents and possibly its previous occupants.

The assistance of a professional house clearance company like Martin Removals Edinburgh can make the process go more smoothly and guarantees a stress-free experience.

To make the process of getting ready for a house clearance as simple as possible, we’ve included some helpful advice below.

Choose what should be removed.
Sorting out what needs to be thrown out and what needs to be kept is the first step. Allow plenty of time for this process, as it may take longer than anticipated, particularly when sentimental or emotionally charged items are involved.

Sort your belongings.
Sort the things you want to donate, sell, or keep from the ones you need to get rid of. Separate them into various rooms or piles, at minimum. Adding stickers with color codes—green for “bin,” orange for “sell/donate,” and red for “keep”—adds even more clarity.

Contact a company that has specific experience of house clearances. If you are in Edinburgh, Martin Removals has been helping with house clearances for over 40 years.

Take the environment into consideration
Do you think the environment matters? Again a company like Martin Removals Edinburgh will be a great port of call, as we make sure every item we work with is disposed of responsibly.

Get in touch with our Edinburgh team for more advice of house clearances.

House clearance – rules and regulations

Hazardous Materials: tight house clearance rules are enforced by Edinburgh Council regarding the disposal of dangerous materials, such as oil based paint and chemicals. These pose major health risks if not handled properly, so it is imperative that they be disposed of responsibly and in compliance with all local laws.

Electronic Waste: One of the most prevalent household items that needs to be disposed of properly these days is electronic waste. These devices, which range from phones to computers and other gadgets, contain potentially harmful materials like lead that, if not disposed of properly can contaminate nearby soil and groundwater.

Recyclables: As more homes try to lessen their impact on the environment, Edinburgh Council encourages people not to put to land fill anything that can be recycled during your house clearance.

For a professional house clearance in Edinburgh, please contact Martin Removal Services.

Welcome to your new website

Ladies and gentleman of Edinburgh and beyond: welcome to the new website for Martin Removal Services.

Although we have been providing professional removal services in Edinburgh for the last 40 years, from house moves to office removals, house clearance and furniture moves – this is our second website only. In spite of being one of Edinburgh’s long standing removal companies!

It showcases our wide range of services and you will find plenty of useful information that will help you making informed decisions, whether you are looking for house removals or commercial moves – we can help.

Please have a look around and share a link to our new website with anyone who may be looking at a reliable, affordable and professional removal company in Edinburgh.

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