Furniture moves – what to avoid

What are the things to avoid while preparing for furniture moves? That is something here at Martin Removals Edinburgh are asked very often. These are our 3 main “don’ts” for furniture moves:

AVOID moving old furniture unless absolutely necessary.
If you can replace old furniture, instead of moving it, that is always preferable (unless your furniture is very expensive to replace or has sentimetal value).  Think about whether you really need the old furniture in your new house. Furniture items can be heavy and large to transport, so the cost of doing so might be high. Do you really think it’s worth the work?

AVOID packing filthy and dusty furniture items.
Make sure your furniture is dust-free and clean before packing it up for your removal. Your furniture may get scratched during the move due to dirt and dust. For this reason, giving your furniture a good cleaning should come before packing it up.

DON’T loose your hardware.
When removing furniture, don’t forget about your hardware. The tiny fragments, nails, and screws are easily lost during furniture moves, and without them you may be in trouble.

DON’T apply packing tape directly to furniture surfaces.
Furniture surfaces shouldn’t be directly taped over with packing tape. It might leave a sticky residue and harm the finish. For the best protection of the furniture during furniture moves, start with packing paper or bubble wrap.