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Commercial removals are on the rise

Commercial removals are on the rise throughout the UK.

Commercial removals have increased dramatically since the end of the Covid pandemic era. As companies move toward a more virtual workplace, many are moving their operations to save costs and maximize the potential of their newly hired remote workers.

The dynamic nature of a commercial environment demands that companies possess the flexibility to adjust and relocate as needed. And when they need to do so,  using commercial removal services from companies like Martin Removals Edinburgh is the best way to proceed.

To be clear, though, moving a business is no easy task. Packing up an entire operation and moving it to a new location requires a significant amount of time, energy and resources. Professionals experienced in commercial removals can really  help with that.

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Advantages of using a commercial removal company

There are many benefits of using a professional commercial removal company.

A stress-free procedure
A stress-free process is one of the main advantages of hiring professionals experienced in commercial removals for your business relocation. Relocating a business can be a very taxing and stressful process, particularly if you attempt to handle everything alone.

Effectiveness and velocity
Packing and moving everything to the new place can take a lot longer if you attempt to manage the move alone or with a group of inexperienced workers. There are numerous factors to take into account, including labeling and packing boxes appropriately, maneuvering large, heavy equipment through confined spaces, and organizing transportation.

Fully insured
A lot can go wrong during commercial removals. That is where dealing with a professional removal company makes all the difference, giving you peace of mind.

Lower costs
If you considered the overall costs for packing materials, renting equipment/vehicles and the time your staff would have to spend on it, using commercial removal professionals will work out cheaper.

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Office moves in Edinburgh

Office moves are one of the most common removal jobs at Martin Removal Services in Edinburgh.

As a capital city, Edinburgh has a large office population. Rising costs and the amount of people increasingly working from home means that office moves are something many companies look into in order to save money. They may move to smaller offices or to an office that is not in the centre of Edinburgh, and therefore cheaper to rent.

We encourage all companies considering office moves to consider a professional commercial removal service. Martin Removals Edinburgh has 40 years of experience in handling office moves. Let us make your office relocation a breeze. Get in touch for a chat to discuss your specific situation.

Our Edinburgh office is open Monday to Friday, 9 to 5pm, and our friendly staff will be delighted to discuss your specific office move requirements.

Preparing for your office move

Is your business relocating? What should you do to prepare for your office move? These are important questions and these are – in our experience – the most important things to do when preparing for your office move.

Allow enough time for your IT staff to get ready.
Notify your IT staff of the office move at least three months in advance. They have to handle phone connections, internet plans and many other issues. Inspecting the new office and determining whether any equipment upgrades are necessary may also be necessary.

Get rid of items that are superfluous.
Get rid of anything you won’t be using any more, such as obsolete cell phones, unnecessary furniture and old files. Your office move will be much simpler as a result.

Let your staff know
Inform the staff members in your office about the commercial removal well in advance. Before the office move, they may wish to wrap up some important tasks or just get ready for this change.

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